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Cristóbal Silva

ML Engineer @ Landing AI

Electrical Engineer, Universidad de Chile

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Beauchef Machine Learning

In 2015 while attending ICCV in Santiago, Chile, me and three other students thought of creating a Machine Learning community at Universidad de Chile, thus Machine Learning Beauchef was born. Its purpose is to be a unified channel where Machine Learning news and information is available for students. The community has also seen great success as a job board, and many have been able to get jobs, internships, and research projects thanks to it.

As of 2010 the internal community has over 400 users registered, including undergraduate and graduate students, PhDs in academia and industry, faculties of diverse departments, among others.

U-Cursos Community for Universidad de Chile Students

Facebook Community

Selected Projects

Most of these started during my student years and have been updated less often as life goes on.


A Python package with common Kernel Adaptive Filtering variants


Collection of personal Machine Learning notes and projects


Collection of dockerfiles for running software without installing dependencies on Ubuntu