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Cristóbal Silva

ML Engineer @ Landing AI

Electrical Engineer, Universidad de Chile

cristobal _at_


Hi! Im Cristóbal, a chilean machine learning engineer based in Medellín, Colombia.

I graduated with a bachelor of science (B.Sc.) and a professional engineer degree (P.E.) in Electrical Engineering from Universidad de Chile. Currently Im working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Landing AI, developing AI-powered solutions for enterprises.

Ive been working on Machine Learning related topics for many years now, and some of my contributions to the area are:

  • My undergraduate thesis that consisted on classifying and labeling all the objects inside an image (semantic segmentation) using classical methods along with probabilistic tools.
  • Co-founded the first Machine Learning student group in Universidad de Chile, currently with over 400 registered students that share a common interest while also serving as job board.
  • Worked and published with Machine Learning research groups and laboratories in Universidad de Chile, including GAMES, ALGES, and the Robotics Football Team.
  • Lead one of the first successful machine learning projects at Falabella Retail, boosting e-commerce sales and improving perception of data-driven solutions inside the company.

If you reached this place you were either redirected by me or found this by accident, but anyway, have a seat and enjoy your stay :).